dimanche 12 juin 2011

Maternity clinic for Punch out Poverty - Bubaque Island, Guinea Bissau

We were asked at the last minute to design a maternity ward on a small island within the Bijagós Islands archipelago off the coast of Guinea Bissau. Using local knowledge, local materials and pragmatic design decisions - due the dire nature existing in the absence of such a facility - we produced the design presented in the following images. The last images are of the visit that proceeded the design phase. We plan to be spending a few months working at the site... soon..

Punch Out Poverty signed a cooperative agreement in August 2010 with the Global Clinton Initiative affiliated foundation, Doc to Docks. Through the agreement, Punch Out Poverty purchased and shipped a 40-foot container filled with medical supplies which reached Guinea-Bissau in February 2011

Efforts to rebuild the country have begun.

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