mercredi 14 juillet 2010

prototype backflip chair

- The chair was made from 3 panels, using a square mould of length
30.5 cm and thickness 1cm.
- The panels were made from making plastic/paper films, shredding it,
and repressing the shredded pieces to create the panel
- I have never used a kiln before so I am not sure if there would be a
different process compared to using the hot press.
- I used a power jigsaw to cut out the pieces- it was very easy to
assemble although there were minor difficulties in aligning the holes
to insert the bars in the middle. Also the rope took some time to
insert and tighten.
- The chair would probably need to be scaled up 3-4 times its
dimensions in order to be suitable for the average person. It could
also be made into a child's chair.

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