jeudi 22 janvier 2009

Design for the Children 2009

Competition for Design for the Children - this is our entry to a competition put forth by the Seattle Division of Architecture for Humanity.
After researching the location the best we could, we figured that the obvious problem was one of potable water. So, with Leo Morand, and Carlo Gonacalves we set out to design a system that could collect a massive amount of water for the people of the proposed village. There was no proposed budget for this project - it was only noted that the budget was extremely small, that they had only simple materials, and unskilled labor, albeit lot's of the latter.
So I started playing with forms in Rhino, and settled on a network of bamboo that seems to hover over the top of the clinic. On top of the bamboo would be placed a textile, at the beginning of each rainy season. Mapping the bamboo, joining it, and creating the structures out of mud is all work very easily accomplished, despite that it might look otherwise. But, the textile is a problem since this would need to somehow be fabricated. We created a pattern for this maleable surface, something like a seamstress' pattern. Laying the fabric onto the bamboo at the beginning of each rainy season would need a method to be figured out at the site, with the villagers. Creating the fabric would also be a collaboration with the villagers, since the information. There's simple rain-water collection calculators online we used to determine that we would collect, then purify enough potable water for a village of ... an average of 600 villagers per year, each getting to take away from the clinic about 30 liters per day for the entrire year.

The images here are being updated since we changed some things after finishing with out submission.. we're hoping to find an organization that can help get this project built whether we do well in the competition or not.

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